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jet pump parts droop snoots place diverters

  • Jet Pump Droop Snoot | Race Nozzle | Extensing Housing

    2015-7-29 · DROOP SNOOTS, RACE NOZZLES, AND EXTENSION HOUSINGS . We carry a variety of performance jet boat parts and pumps, marine engine parts, and marine exhaust systems and silencers, including extension housings, droops, snoots, and steering extensions. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge and contact us today for all your needs.

  • partsforsale

    2011-2-11 · stock parts and drop ship special order parts via UPS. We. packages. Our Parts Department is the place to find and order any part or accessory for your boat. We are an Official Dealer for American Turbine, Dominator, Berkeley, and Aggressor Jet Drives. Don''t need an entirely new drive, we also do jet drive repair.

  • Berkeley Jet Drives – SoCal Jet Boats Speed Shop

    SoCal Jet Boats. 6012 South Topaz St. Suite #8, Las Vegas, NV 89120. 1 (702) 970.SCJB


    2019-11-20 · PERFORMANCE PARTS R6301 DROOP SNOOT A droop snoot is design to create lift on the aft end of the boat. By doing this you will gain approximately 3 to 5 miles per hour in speed. Droop snoots generally work best on 20'' boats and under. R6301 droop snoot will fit an Ameri-can Turbine style steering. R6007 droop snoot will fit a Berke-

  • Rex Marine

    2010-6-28 · Jet Pump Packing. 121. Jet Pump, Place Diverters and parts. 128, 129. Jet Pump Ramp Scoops, Loaders. 122. Jet Pump Rebuild Kits. 123. Jet Pump Repair Manuel, Seloc

  • Droop Snoots

    HPH Place Diverter High Performance Droop Nozzle Housing Kit. A flow chamber designed to deliver maximum hole-shot and top end performance. A great way to gain 3.5 degrees of up angle in your nozzle and lower the thrust point of water flow 1/2". Lowering the thrust point of water will increase bow lift resulting in less drag.

  • Adding a Droop Snoot

     · Ok guys, thinking about adding a droop snoot to my jet. Here is what I have now. 2003 21'' Aftershock skier, 502 marine power engine, dominator jet, with place diverter. I just want to know the pro''s & cons and how much they run. I am looking for a little more control during w.o.t and idle situations. It was a bitch getting through the channel this weekend.

  • 96 Lavey Craft 21Xt porpoising problem

    2017-10-21 · Reactions: Re: 96 Lavey Craft 21Xt porpoising problem. « Reply #3 on: October 21, 2017, 06:48:28 AM ». Use a straight edge to check for hook. I have a 4ft steel ruler I use. Hold it up against the bottom on both sides of the jet and see if you have a significant gap near the back. Pics of the jet set up would help.

  • Large Place Diverter Rudders > Steering Parts

    2021-10-8 · Designed to improve low speed maneuverability and control Works great on boats 19'' and longer 7" ht. x 12" lg. Includes a pin and two bolts Made of aluminum Fits any Place Diverter Not recommend for use with droop snoots …

  • Jet Drives & Jet Drive Accessories | WestCoastOffshore

    Jet Drives & Jet Drive Accessories category at WestCoastOffshore. Sort: Default By Name (A -> Z) By Name (Z -> A) Display: 12 Items 24 Items 48 Items. Displaying 1 - 14 of 14 results.

  • experience with droop snoot/loader grate? | Performance ...

     · when my boat 1993 caribbean (boat in avatar) had the stock 330 hp BB chevy, worn out j/g berkley A cut imp with place diverter it went 52 mph. had mpd do the pump with a/b cut imp stage 1.5 blueprint, first test with fresh pump 59mph. then we added a place droop 61mph, next was a place bolt on ride plate 62mph all the test runs were made back to back parts were …

  • Jet Drives and Parts | Huffman Performance | Texas USA

    Jet Drives & Parts. PTO and Drive Shafts. Wedges. Impellers. Bowls. Place Diverters. Jet Drive Rebuild Kits. ... Complete 12JE Pump With Hydraulic Diverters. Price $5,319.00. Quick View. 12JI Pump w/Manual Place Diverter, Transom Assembly Not Included. Price $5,299.00. Quick View.

  • Place diverters, educate me

     · Most stock pumps point down, which leads to the jet boat condition of driving the bow over. That''s why a droop snoot works. Seems the fast jet boats never have a roost of more than 4 or 5 ft. Congrats on the pump swap, sounds like it worked great.

  • Place Diverter

    HydraulicallyOperated Place Diverter Kit - Jacuzzi 12WJ. This kit provides the freedom of instant control with theflip of a switch This unit travels its full range in approximately 2 seconds, and due to its hydraulic operation it is infinitely adjustable Each kit comes complete with ahydraulic diverter assembly, hydraulic pump, wiring harness,switch, and all necessary hydraulic fittings and lines.

  • Split bowl vs Non split bowl | River Daves Place

     · Droop snoots, extensions, wedges, all sorts of stuff. Diverters are the same for all of them save the JE and JF. As far as the pump itself is concerned, they are pretty much identical, with the exception of the JE and JF pumps that have the intake integral with the pump housing. All others have a separate intake that the pump bolts to.

  • Small Place Diverter Rudders > Fits Place Diverter Brand

    2021-11-28 · This rudder is a must for small boats, 19'' and under Easy to control your boat at low speeds, especially near the dock Easier to align the boat when putting on the trailer 5-1/2" ht. x 8" lg. Includes a pin and two bolts Made of …

  • Jet Pump Products

    Place Diverters: Jet Drivelines: Driveline Adapters: Droop Snoots: Nozzle Wedges: Steering Tubes and Connections: Steering Rudders: Pump Shafts: Bearings: Seals and O-rings: Gaskets: Suction Components: Impellers: Cable Seals - Jet Drive: Wear Rings: Ride Plates & Shoes: Performance Intake Loaders: Lubribond Speed Coat: Sea Goin Poxy Putty

  • Berkeley jet pump repair manual

    2021-12-1 · ARS MARINE PARTS . We carry a variety of performance jet boat parts and pumps, marine engine parts, place diverters, impellers, and marine exhaust systems and Epoxy Marine Repair Products Rex Marine manufactured Jet Pump Tools Rex Marine Complete Jet Pump Tool Kit for Berkeley Jet Drives, Hamilton 212 Jet – designed for a wide range of boats.

  • Jet Pump Parts | Droop Snoots | Place Diverters ...

    2015-8-2 · JET PUMP PARTS . We carry a variety of performance jet boat parts and pumps, marine engine parts, and marine exhaust systems and silencers, including products such as our impellers, bowls, place diverters, rudders, …

  • Nozzle Components

    NOZZLE O-RING TEFLON-EARLY BERKELEY 1/8". O-Ring Teflon for Nozzle,1/8",Early Berkeley Jet Replacement Part, sold separtately Click Here for Expanded View "Item #20" .. Add to Wish List. Add to Compare. $33.35.

  • Place Diverters

    2020-2-12 · Place Hydraulic Kit. Operate your Place Diverter from a touch of a button. This kit includes the pump, wire loom, line, fittings, cylinder, toggle switch, and installation instructions. $475.00. PL-0700. Place Floor Control. Seven position floor mount control for all manual Diverters. Available in black and white.

  • school me on droop snoots

     · school me on droop snoots. ok so i know i am a long way from even thinking of this but can someone explain to me just when and why someone would need one of these. from what i am gathering this will change the attidude of how the boat rides correct. like having trim on a outboard or sterndrive. my only question is if you install one of these ...

  • Place Diverters, Jetovators & Controls

    Place Diverters, Jetovators & Controls. Need Help? Call Us: 1-800-225-9871. Outside the USA? Call 707-585-9871

  • Pump Parts, Split Bowls, and Accessories

    2021-12-8 · The support plate kit consists of a ¼" aluminum plate that sits on top of the cover and is held in place by 3/8" hold down bolts and hardware that replace the 5/16" hardware on the stock Berkeley jet. This back up support kit will work …

  • Place Diverter Nozzles and Controls

    Home > Jet Drive Accessories > Place Diverter Nozzles and Controls Sort By: Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Most Popular Title Manufacturer Newest Oldest Availability 20 per page 40 per page 80 per page 120 per page 200 per page Page of 1

  • Jet Boat Parts | Marine Parts | Jet Pumps | Pump Parts

    2015-8-1 · ARS MARINE PARTS . We carry a variety of performance jet boat parts and pumps, marine engine parts, place diverters, impellers, and marine exhaust systems and silencers, including all the accessories like billet aluminum hardware, marine gauges, foot throttles, and steering wheels. Browse thru each section below to find what you''re looking for.


    Droop Snoots are designed to create lift at the rear of the boat by lowering the trustline. They generally work the best on lighter, fast boats under 20''''. Speed gains of 3 to 5 miles are possible in these applications. A Snoot housing is also a …

  • Place Diverters

    2021-2-24 · Fine Tune Place Diverters. These diverters have a replaceable nozzle sleeve for the purpose of fine tuning your jet boats performance. The sleeves range in sizes from 3" to the standard nozzle size of 3.250", in 1/16" increments. By …

  • Berkeley Jet Drive

    Berkeley 12JE Jet Drive; Berkeley 12JF Jet Drive; Jetovator Parts; Trim-A-Just Parts; Transom Housing Parts; Intake Adapter Parts; Complete New Pump Kits: Berkeley 12JI Jet Drive; Berkeley 12JR Jet Drive; All Pumps; Parts: Bowls; Bowl Stuffers; Cable Bellows; Droop Snoots; Intake Assemblies; Loader Scoops; Nozzle Wedges; Place Diverters; Power ...

  • Place Diverters | Huffman Performance | Texas USA

    Place Diverter Droop Snoot & Ride Plate Kit. Price $545.00. Quick View

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